Mildred Mute - Nairobi

Mildred MuteMildred Mute preparing ingredients"I do not live with my children though I send money home every month to support them. My education is not white collar oriented therefore I set up this small business to make some money. I have done so many kinds of laborious manual jobs the likes of washing clothes for people, cooking on the streets, for which I made about 200 Shillings ($2.35) a day which is all spent on food and some is saved for rent. Since I got my BURN Jikokoa I have witnessed a lot of changes in my life, first with just small savings I was able to put up a small business where I fry potatoes - we call them bhajia and sell them at a profit. The stove still amazes me with its outstanding cooking speed and less usage in charcoal. The cooking speed has been a factor in making my business more reliable to my customers, because i always have ready-hot bhajia for sale at anytime.

Mildreds BhajiaMildred's BhajiaI go home every day with around 450 Shillings ($5.30) and am less tired. I am more relaxed because I can cook from the house or the roadside and while sitting down. 200 Shillings ($2.35) of this money purchases the next days charcoal, potatoes, and cooking oil, etc. I would like to say thanks, my work is very easy, less dirty, less tedious. I would like to expand my business, employ more hands and move to a better business location."

Margaret and Mueni

Margaret and MueniLeft: Margaret Nyambura, Right: Mueni SaumuMargaret Nyambura
"I have a family of 10 and I pay 3,000 Shillings ($35) per month for rent. I have a hand mill business and I make around 300 Shillings ($3.50) per day. My husband irons peoples clothes and earns around 150 Shillings ($1.75) each day. Initially I used the clay stove for cooking but since purchasing the BURN Jikokoa, well, a lot has changed. Now, I use one 50 Shilling ($0.60) tin of charcoal to make 3 big meals for my family compared to before when I used a 50 Shilling tin for just one meal.
Secondly, the smoke is dramatically less. My grandchildren eat early at around 6pm because they have to get up early for school. It is my joy to hear the sound of my grandchildren asleep. I am very concerned about the safety of my grandchildren."

Mueni Saumu
"I am a single mom and I have a stall that buys and sells second hand clothes. So far I have saved over 1,500 Shillings ($17.60) from daily charcoal savings with the BURN Jikokoa. With this money I was able to enroll my children in part-time tuition and reinvest some money in my business. Me and my children now have less breathing problems and headaches are now a thing of the past. The kids sleep in a warm environment and they do not complain about breathing problems any more as compared to the old stove."


Solomon1Solomon and his brother-in-law"Dad and I run a peanut business to pay for up-keep. Dad tuned me into the entrepreneurial mood by making me in charge of sales. Since I completed high school I have been making money.

Since we got the BURN Jikokoa we have been making huge profits of over 1,000 Shillings ($11.75) each day. A tin of charcoal costs 50 Shillings ($0.60) and lasts for 2 days. This rate is less compared to the old stove which consumed one tine per day. The 50 Shilling savings are ploughed back into the business. Our orders are increasing by the day and our goal is to go regional maybe open up a bigger stall.

Another awesome thing is that, my little brothers now also can sleep well when I am roasting peanuts overnight in the house. One day I peeped to see if they were all breathing properly and they were all fast asleep thereby proving that the emissions are comparatively less as compared to the old stove. My brothers used to complain a lot when I made peanuts on the clay stove - in fact they asked me time and again to take the stove otherwise the heat and the gases would suffocate them."