Who We Are

peterssmPeter Scott (CEO)
is considered one of the world’s leading experts in cookstove commercialization. He has trained producers in over 20 countries to set up for-profit stove businesses. In 2006, he received an Ashden Award for designing and promoting Institutional cookstoves in Southern Africa. In 2010 he was chosen as one of the Top100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy Magazine.
    bostonnsmBoston Nyer (Chief Product Officer)
led the product development process of the Jikokoa stove on a budget of $300,000.
 bobcsmBob Clyne (VP Supply Chain)
is the former Director of International Operations for General Mills.   He has managed $1MM startups with revenues increasing double digit per annum to developed country $400MM business units.
  eoinfsmEoin Flinn (Operations Manager)
oversaw new product development for Molex ICM Products in China as business grew from $0 to $10MM over 3 years. 
loufsmLou Fezio (CTO)
has 30 years of experience with industry leader K2.  Lou pioneered fundamental changes to the way skis and snowboards are manufactured.
  paulmsmPaul Means (Lab Manager)
has 28 years of technical expertise with energy systems.  He managed a $12MM power and recovery department at Weyerhaeuser.
tedcsmTed Clabaugh (Legal Advisor)
is a Harvard Law graduate and has practiced law for 45 years in California and Washingon.
  bryanmsmBryan Willman (Board Member)
is an early employee and partner at Microsoft, and holds 20 patents to his name.